Yes Way Rosé Styling



Photography by Erin Quigley 


There are few plans that can sound as enticing as a comfy couch, a captivating series of shows and something delectable to pick at. But what will you wear? Wait-Did you just roll your eyes at me? I know, I know you are not getting decked to hang on the couch and we will be lucky if your socks match. I love the idea of comfy gear being suitable for one turning into a human vegetable around the house but also stylish enough to take it to the streets. Which brings us to this sweatshirt. I’ve been wanting a cute sweatshirt to rock when we hang with friends on a random Friday and we do BYOB or when I am running around on a Saturday morning but don’t feel the need to be in straight-from-the-gym Lycra. This piece is stylish, has a cute saying- I mean who can argue Rosé? AND IT IS INSANELY SOFT. INSANE I TELL YOU. The brand also ties itself to projects helping their community and the world, so that’s another reason to feel warm and fuzzy.

For my Valentine’s feels and the month of love in general I kept running with the rosé theme and debuted some new {crazy on sale} rose gold shoes and other pretty pieces in shades of pink. From a bottle of Moët to Dunkin Donuts finest creations and a few dozen of Trader Joes best blooms I created a little scene that brightened up our home and had the romance lingering long after those donuts became just mere crumbs 😉





















Outfit Details: Super Soft Rosé Sweatshirt $88 | Skinny Dipper Distressed Jeans $88 | Rose Gold Sandals {on major sale!} only a few sizes -> here <- for $30 and also available ->  here <- in more sizes for $65 | Tassel Earrings {$25} , Druzy Rings {$45}  and Cream Handbag {$75} all from Aaraa Accessories call to order 201-386-0101


Blowout- Jose Eber Salon by Monique

Make Up- Jose Eber Salon by Melissa

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